Roofing Inspection, Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Roofing renovation services include inspection, installation, repair, and replacement. Roofing is a major investment and yearly maintenance is required. We install all types of roofs such as asphalt, metal, tile, and can work on residential, commercial and industrial roofs. Contact Renovation Place for expert roofing material and services. We can help with insurance paperwork, documentation, and file claims. Special financing available for borrowers with approved credit.


Cost: $$ Frequency: yearly twice
  • Assessment Manual and/or Remote
  • Checking exposed nails
  • Finding missing shingles
  • Noting curled or streaked shingles
  • Observing loose/missing flashings
  • Comprehensive report and estimates
  • Suggests repair or replacement


Cost: $$$ Frequency: one time
  • Procure suitable materials
  • Clear area of any clutter
  • Rapid installation by experts
  • Install other compatible components
  • Adhere to local, national, and manufacturer standards
  • Complete clean up


Cost: $$ Frequency: as needed
  • Replacing missing/curled/ streaked shingles
  • Resealing around shingles
  • Sealing around vent boots
  • Fixing any roof leaks
  • Taking care of nail pops
  • Cleaning roof of debirs


Cost: $$$ Frequency: Every Fifteen to Twenty years
  • Tear off the existing roof
  • Assemble new material in a safe manner
  • Replace with new shingles
  • Replace any related faulty components
  • Check for compatibility
  • Discard all old material and clean up

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